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Financial objectives and strategic objectives

Financial objectives

for our company, a growing company it is vital to set goals, for this is necessary to impose a series of objectives that will support the success of these goals, among them are the financial objectives that provide the basis for a solid plan to move forward on the path of success for our organization these financial goals are:


  • growth income

It is essential for us to present solid annual revenues with a margin of 20% increase from the first 5 years, so from the second year cover initial expenses and generate the expected profits.


  • Profit margins

obtain profit margins to meet the needs of the organization and include it to also invest in the business for expansion and distribution among employees in a profit-sharing agreement.


  • Sustainability

we refer to the characteristics of development that will have the business in order to hold and at the same time provide more jobs and a steady improvement gradual growth.


  • return of investment

this term return on investment refers to money recovered for capital spending, our company expects to get 100% return on investment within 2 years of profit, generating a profit margin of 20% the first 5 years and longer 40% from the sixth



strategic objectives

Strategic objectives are goals on non-financial factors that the company aims to achieve with a specific indicator that will allow it to be measured in a specific period of time.


  • Increase number of employees

  • Positioning the brand

  • Diversifying supply

  • Promote a work environment thus to increase efficiency in the processes of the organization

  • Consolidate the business as a solid and orderly organization

  • Use the appropriate human resources

  • Agile processes focused on innovation

  • Give customer benefits for choosing our brand

  • Consolidate good relations to retain customers

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